By Myles Geiger
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – South Jersey is in his blood. Born and raised in the Garden State, Jamie Myerson has done what many others fail to do: work a job he loves.

Jamie Myerson supervises WDBK-FM, the Camden County College radio station. By Myles Geiger, CCC Journalism Program

Jamie Myerson supervises WDBK-FM, the Camden County College radio station. By Myles Geiger, CCC Journalism Program

As station manager of Camden County College’s radio station, WDBK-FM, Myerson gets to work with music every day; something he’s very passionate about. Just ask him about his favorite concerts and his face lights up as he talks about seeing Depeche Mode in the ’90s. He can recollect the tale like it happened last week.

Life as station manager isn’t all fun and games, however. Myerson is in charge of everything at WDBK. Twenty-five full-time student disc jockeys are at WDBK. Myerson is responsible for overseeing every show they produce. He described the station as “experiential learning” for students.

“Students come down here and see their peers working hard on something they enjoy. That same drive can then be applied to homework and life outside of college,” he said.
Not everyone can keep their head in the game, though. When asked about what he disliked the most about his position, he quickly responded he didn’t like telling people they could no longer DJ due to their academic performance. “Not that it happens very often,” he added.

Former student Eric Shetter said he always enjoyed working at WDBK while attending CCC. It was a “nice escape from the normal grind of CCC,” he said last weekend. Shetter DJ’ed a radio show at CCC for two semesters while attending the college.

A variety of students volunteer their time and all have one thing in common, a passion for music. Myerson helps encourage that passion inside and outside the station. He also works as an adjunct professor in the Music Department at CCC.

When a new student joins WDBK, Myerson takes the time to train them. He runs them through MegaSeg, the system the station uses to broadcast, as well as how to create a setlist by uploading their music library. From there students get the chance to broadcast live. Myerson always runs them through the Federal Communications Commission rules and regulations.

Myerson is also knee-deep in his own project, Blackwood Recording.

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