By Heather Tomafsky
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Adjunct Professor of Business at Camden County College, Robert Hammond, has taken many journeys in life. From playing in the National Football League, to being an assistant coach in the NFL, to obtaining his master’s degree, to now being a professor, Hammond has accomplished more than most.

Robert Hammond is an adjunct professor of business at Camden County College. By Heather Tomafsky, CCC Journalism Program

Robert Hammond is an adjunct professor of business at Camden County College. By Heather Tomafsky, CCC Journalism Program

Hammond was always very determined. Growing up in Queens, N.Y., he knew one day he would play on the football field with the New York Giants. After he graduated from Morgan State University, Hammond was determined to become the professional athlete he always saw himself to be. Not being drafted after college made it harder for him to accomplish his dreams, but that did not stop him. After the third time of trying to prove to the Giants he was capable of becoming part of their team, he made it. After the Giants, he played for the Washington Redskins until 1981.

A year after his career as an NFL player was over, he worked as a promotional manager in Manhattan. Then not one year after that, he was hired as the assistant coach for the New York Jets. After the Jets, he coached with the Arizona Cardinals and the Philadelphia Eagles. Hammond was officially done with the NFL in 1997.

The first time Hammond recognized he wanted to teach was when he was a coach in the NFL. He found putting together different plays and working with the athletes was very similar to putting together lesson plans and helping students develop. “I got really excited about seeing how young people develop, and I was becoming part of that process,” stated Hammond on Wednesday.

Hammond went on to receive his master’s degree in 2007, and during this time he taught a G.E.D (General Equivalency Degree) class for Camden County College. This is when he was first introduced to CCC, and he wanted to try to become a professor.

Mark Jackson, a current student of Hammond’s, said, “He really takes the time out to engage the class and ensure that they fully comprehend what is going on.”

Sometime in the near future, Hammond wishes to publish. He would like to write a memoir or a technical book about teaching that would bring all disciplines into play. Hammond adds, “Whatever the odds are, anyone can be very successful.”

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