By Alexandra Lilly
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Professor Linda Berger won the 2012 Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award for Transitional Studies.

Linda Berger teaches mathematics on the Camden campus. By Alexandra Lilly, CCC Journalism Program

Linda Berger teaches mathematics on the Camden campus. By Alexandra Lilly, CCC Journalism Program

Berger teaches Math Fundamentals and Elementary Algebra at the Camden County College Camden campus. During an interview April 9, she spoke modestly about how it felt to win the award. “It was an honor and felt very great. I just do what I do and it pays off. Teaching is something that comes very naturally to me,” Berger stated.

Sandra Manley, who took Math Fundamentals with Berger last fall, said Berger “is a good math teacher and is always there for you.”

Berger did not initially intend on becoming an educator. She received her undergraduate degree in engineering from Duke University in Durham, N.C., and went on to receive her master’s in engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia. She soon discovered engineering was not the path she wanted to follow. Her mother, Professor Claire Berger, who teaches at CCC’s Blackwood campus, suggested she try teaching and with that advice, Linda Berger started volunteering at Philadelphia public schools.

Berger quickly fell in love with teaching and began at the Blackwood campus in 1997. She moved to the Camden campus in 2002 and has been teaching math classes there ever since. She said she switched campuses because “I like the challenge of teaching in Camden. The student body is different here. There is a sense of reward.” It is also closer to her home in Center City Philadelphia.

Berger said she is motivated to work much harder since winning the award and she tries her hardest to make math applicable to life so her students will understand it better.

When asked if she would ever go back to engineering she laughed and said, “No way!” She loves the idea of helping people and if she ever switched careers she would want to continue that, whether it is social work, nursing or even massage therapy.

With Berger’s help, Luis Lebron was able to pass his first midterm in math. Lebron sees Berger solely for tutoring and said about her, “She is a great tutor, very respectful and I appreciate her teaching very much.”

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