by Malik Demby
Journalism Program

Peter DiLorenzo director of athletics for the past year and a half at Camden County College said there is no incentive from CCC to play community college sports; the option to play college sports all relies on the athlete’s drive.

DiLorenzo believes that home life and no scholarship opportunities are why most community college athletes stop playing. Although scholarships might seem like the answer to some people, both DiLorenzo and Carbone said “scholarships are not the answer.” “Scholarships bring up the obstacle of traveling cost because you would have to play teams in your division. Also choosing who gets a scholarship and how much to give is another obstacle.” DiLorenzo said.

Although there are no scholarships. DiLorenzo said students come from as far as Philadelphia just to play at CCC. “The coaching staff at CCC is great at getting student athletes transferred, which is why some athletes turn down scholarship opportunities at local community college in their area,” he said.

“Our student athletes are more than prepared for the transition from a two year college to a four year college if they stick with it,” he said. Robert Carbone a 19 year old sophomore majoring in business management and golf player also agrees with DiLorenzo. Carbone says he plays golf because its fun, it’s free and it’s exercise. He also added it is a little harder to keep up with practices because of work and home life.

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