By Myles Geiger
CCC Journalism Program

With health care a staple of our modern society, going into the field of medicine continues to be a smart decision for students.

Recently, Camden County College and Rutgers University united to offer a bachelor of science in nursing degree at CCC’s Blackwood campus. Many students at CCC aspire to become nurses, so this new program comes as a relief to them.

“It’s nice that I won’t have to transfer anywhere,” said Lindsey Allen, a CCC student accepted into the new Rutgers nursing program.

Blackwood isn’t the only campus offering Rutgers’ nursing program. Students can still complete their nursing degree at the Camden, Newark or New Brunswick campuses of Rutgers. Cost per credit is $333 for New Jersey residents, regardless of campus choice, making it one of the more affordable programs offered. Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia charges $958 per credit.

For students interested in pursuing a career as a physician, Rowan University has teamed up with Cooper Medical School in Camden. As one of the newest medical schools in the country, the institution said it aims to “set the standards for medical care for the next generation.”

The program is competitive and does not accept transfer students. Students who want to apply for the program should expect not only to complete an application, but to have an in-person interview as well. No minimum GPA or MCAT score is required. “We have accepted candidates with MCAT scores below 24 and GPAs below 3.0 whose experiences and history were exceptional,” Rowan’s website states. The program is a more affordable option for New Jersey residents. Its tuition is $33,900 for in-state students. Thomas Jefferson University charges $50,236 for full-time students. The Rowan program costs $53,800 for out-of-state students.

“I’m excited to have the options I do now, especially as affordable as they are,” Allen said of the programs in South Jersey for students wanting to become nurses or physicians.

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