By Megan Ahern
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD- Some students at Camden County College urge the History Department to change their curriculum.

Student Norlyn Harmon goes over her history exam. By Megan Ahern, CCC Journalism Program

Student Norlyn Harmon goes over her history exam. By Megan Ahern, CCC Journalism Program

Having to take an exam is stressful enough, but some students say when you have to write an essay for your exam, it can be even more stressful. The Camden County College History Department syllabus shows there are three written-in-class essays and it is most of a student’s overall grade.

For most majors, history is a required class, even if a student has no interest in history. Norlyn Harmon is one of the CCC students who would not want to take history if it were not required. “I would prefer not to do/study history,” she said.

Jason Knaster does not think essays are an accurate way to see if a person knows what they were supposed to learn. “This is actually one of the major aspects I really dislike. I believe grading purely on the ability to formulate essays in a given time on a given history topic is an inaccurate way to measure knowledge of history,” he said. “They want to hear the essays as if they were written from a history major. They ask much more than the requirement.”

Said Harmon, “I feel giving essay-only tests for every test is totally unnecessary. Teachers could give fill in the blanks mixed with a few essays. I feel this would still allow students to use thought process to achieve the right answer.”

Knaster added, “I believe that multiple question tests, fill in the blank with a possible short answer essay tests are more reasonable and really ensure and define what a student knows rather than judge a student’s knowledge solely on being able to formulate an essay.”

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