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Wilson, Roosevelt, Adams to be torn down

By Zach Bender
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The Wilson Complex, Roosevelt Hall and Adams Hall on the Blackwood campus will be torn down following renovations to Taft Hall that are expected to begin this fall.

The renovations to Taft Hall will be used to create a One-Stop Student Services Facility, according to the recently approved 2013 Camden County College Master Plan, which should be available on the college’s website in the coming weeks. “More and more colleges have a one-stop (services center) for students,” says Dean of Student Services James Canonica.

The buildings will be going down in an effort to save money and be more energy-efficient, says Edward Carney, the executive director of safety and facilities. The three buildings are old, and it’d cost more to renovate them than it would to tear them down. Removing them will also allow the college to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Wilson Complex, which includes Wilson Center, Wilson East and Wilson West, is home to public safety, financial aid, registration and more. These will all be relocated to Taft once construction is complete. Along with those will also be disability services, veterans’ services, advisement and tutoring.

Roosevelt Hall is used for administration. The now-defunct Helen Fuld Nursing building, which is no longer owned by Virtua and is next to Taft Hall, will be turned into the new Roosevelt Hall, housing all administration, “including the new offices of the president, vice presidents and employee support services,” says the Master Plan.

Adams Hall, which is isolated in the parking lot across from Lincoln Hall, as well as the trailers near it, will be demolished to create additional parking space and improve the college’s storm water runoff systems. There is also a possibility the space could eventually be used to build “program specific buildings such as a new Automotive Technology Center,” according to the Master Plan.

In place of the Wilson Complex and Roosevelt Hall, the college hopes to construct a new building, as part of an agreement they hope to reach with a four-year university, allowing students to complete a two-year degree before transitioning directly into a four-year degree program, all on the Blackwood campus, enabling students to earn their bachelor’s degree here.

Construction to Taft Hall is expected to begin this fall, and the one-stop student services center is expected to be open by the fall of 2014.

Wilson Center, home of financial aid, public safety, records and registration, is just one building that will be demolished by the fall of 2014. By Zach Bender, CCC Journalism Program

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