By Frank Beitz
CCC Journalism Program

With three campuses, Camden County College students must commute because the locations do not have residence halls.

CCC students board the bus for the ride home. By Frank Beitz, CCC Journalism Program

CCC students board the bus for the ride home. By Frank Beitz, CCC Journalism Program

The college offers locations in Blackwood, Cherry Hill and Camden for the students’ convenience. Several students offered their opinion on the commute to the campuses.

Cherry Hill resident Marie Vassey pointed out she changed her route to school because of the inconvenience of College Drive and White Horse Road. She stated she got a ticket on that road and police officers are always waiting there for you.

“I’d rather take Route 42 due to the increased speed and less traffic congestion,” said Vassey.

Marlton resident Ilya Rell has been using public transportation because of recent car troubles.

“Back when I drove to school I didn’t mind the commute although it is pretty far, but now I dread the drive to school every day on the bus,” Rell said. “You have to go out of your way to get to the bus stop, hope it is running on time, and hope you get to school on time.”

While the bus trip may be agonizing, Rell noted it saves money, especially with Camden County teaming up with NJ Transit. That partnership offers full-time students discounted prices with a month-long membership that can be renewed at the end of each month. With gas prices as high as they are now, taking the bus can save money, but other considerations may outweigh that point.

“No doubt would I rather drive, even with gas prices how they are,” Rell said. “It’s more convenient and it’s my preference to control my own destiny when getting to school on time.”

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