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Taft Hall to become student services center

By Morgan Grossmann
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – After the conclusion of the spring semester, renovations will begin, transforming the current Taft Hall into the future “one-stop” student services center, scheduled to open in the fall of 2014.

Camden County College students Marco Gollotto, Emily Lyons, Jenna Thompson, Kim McCaffrey, Dustin MacKenzie and Lauren Procajlo wait for their business class to resume in Taft Hall, the future student services center. By Morgan Grossmann, CCC Journalism Program

Now that Camden County College has finished constructing and opened the new science building, its next renovation goal focuses on turning Taft Hall into the new “one-stop” student services center. Pat Farley, secretary for Biology, Dental and Vet Tech Programs, said the courses that are currently taking place in Taft Hall will continue until the end of the spring semester; however, all of the remaining departments are to be moved out by the beginning of summer sessions so construction can begin. The “one-stop” student services center is due to be opened for the fall semester of 2014.

Current students are excited to hear about the transformation of Taft Hall into a convenience center for students. As to what he thought about the future “one-stop” student services center, second-year student Joel Davidson said, “I feel like that’s a little more convenient because it’s more centrally located on campus.”

Said Bridget Carroll, a second-year student finishing up her final semester at Camden County College, “I felt like Wilson was outdated. It was unorganized.”

The future “one-stop” student services center will include Advisement, Financial Aid, the Business Office, Testing and various administrative offices. This is a bit of a change from the countless science classes and labs that took place and the final few biology and business courses that are finishing up in Taft Hall.

After the new student services center is up and running, Camden County College plans on knocking down numerous out-of-date buildings, where the administrative offices that will be placed within the student services center currently reside.

“I hope for future generations, they have an easier time registering,” Carroll said of the expected outcome at the future student services center.

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