By Christian Buonpastore
CCC Journalism Program

When a student hears the word “finals”, one might be stricken with fear.

For some at Camden County College, it’s all about taking the time necessary for a good grade.

CCC student Sean Viareck said, “I usually spend about 4 to 5 hours a night studying during finals week.”

Some teachers demand more time to their classes than others. “The math and science courses are always the most time consuming,” said sociology major Jim Yarris.

“Finals week is always sort of a blur, I bury my head in a book for a week and feel so relieved when it’s over,” Viareck said. When thinking about what finals actually entail, it is quite daunting.

Three months of work crammed onto one test does not sound like the most fun.

“I try to stay out of my daughter’s way during finals week.” Said Carole Schwartz, parent of Rowan University student Alicia Schwartz.

“Finals for the fall semester are the hardest to deal with because of Christmas and everything” said Yarris.

“For me the spring semester is the most difficult because the weather is nice and the last thing I want to be doing is studying” said Viareck.

There are lots of studying tactics to use that can make the week a little easier. “Music helps me stay focused, so I like to put on pandora while I study,” said education major John Meo.

“I like to sit in complete silence, I usually have to go to the library for that but I do what is necessary,” said Viareck.

Whether it is silence, music or having the television on every student has their own tactic to get the work done.

4 thoughts on “Finals Hit the Halls of CCC

  1. I think the article’s length is great. It is short, sweet, and to the point that finals are frightening and a time full of stress. You do not bombard your readers with too much information, therefore you don’t slow the pace of the story; you keep it moving. However, I feel like the fact that there aren’t any evidence or statistics makes the article very informal.
    Although I found your article very relatable to my life, the thing I find fault with the most is that the article is full of quotes. By this, I mean that there really isn’t much substance, other than how various students and one parent view finals and finals week. In order to better the article, you should provide a piece of hard evidence, negate some of the quotes and make the article more of your own, which will give the article a bit more formality. All in all, the article provided great insight and is relatable to many students, but it just needs these few tweaks to make it excellent.

  2. The story is good, but could have been better with more student sources, than just two repeating sources; Sean Viareck and Jim Yerris seem to be the only students you are keying on. Also, interviewing Liberal Arts majors is good, but would of liked to hear from different majors. Yes. science and mathematics courses are time consuming, but there are other classes that have difficult finals as well, would of liked to know what those classes are or were.

    A professor’s perspective on how finals affect them positively and negatively would of helped this story out. A professor’s tip on how to prepare for the finals would have been helpful because it’s coming from the main source who is giving the final.

  3. This story means a lot to me because I can relate to it. Finals to me are always very stressful. I have to find time to study for all my classes. I also want to make sure I give myself enough time to cover everything that I’m going to be tested on for each class. I’m never 100% sure how to do this and a lot of the time I still feel nervous the day of the final, even after studying a lot for that particular class. For instance, last semester I took World Civilizations II and in order to study for the final I went through the study guide and redefined all the terms in my notebook. When I went in to take the actual final, I felt for sure I was going to forget something, but instead I actually got a perfect score on it. I also can agree that finals are harder depending on the semester. I personally think they’re harder in the spring, when the weather is beautiful and I’d rather be outside because I usually get a bad case of spring fever. In the fall, the weather is colder, so I don’t mind being inside studying.
    I found this story to be both interesting and relatable. It was interesting to me because it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that gets stressed out by finals. It was relatable because I can relate to the fact that when the semester takes place affects the difficulty of the final.

  4. I can really relate to the story because finals are always a stressful time for me. I always find it hard for me to study during the fall semester because I am always worrying about the holidays coming up. I also find it difficult to study in complete silence. I always study with either the television on or music playing from my IPod.
    The article was very informative. I think it was great that you got different views from different people and it wasn’t just one sided.

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