According to Athletic Driector, Peter DiLorenzo, In the past 3-5 years, women’s sports at Camden County College have been suffering. There have been complaints from female students about having to work and concentrate on classes.
Peter DiLorenzo said, “the men have to work and concentrate on classes as well. The men seem to make more of a commitment and their numbers are always strong. I just don’t know what the reason is on the women’s side.” Many times athletes from other sports are asked to play in upcoming sports that aren’t really their forte. “I know there are good athletes walking around this campus, but why don’t they come out for the teams. CCC would be a power-house if they would come out and play,” said DiLorenzo.
There have been many concerns about the women’s sports teams this season. One specific concern is the women’s soccer team. Because there were only 10 girls at the end of last season, DiLorenzo is not sure hoe this season will turn out. But even with the concerns and possible setbacks women’s soccer coach John Gallagher said that he is on the road to recruiting a “National Championship Women’s Soccer Team for Camden County College.”
Another concern was the softball team. There were only 11 women on the team last season. Over the summer, faculty hired a new softball coach – Jillian Mulderig. Mulderig is a former William Patterson standout on the field and in the classroom. She also coaches several AAU softball teams and “for the first time in a long while” said DiLorenzo, “she’s conducted a fall season.” “We are still looking for more girls to play. She (Mulderig) is a stickler for fundamentals and training, so I think she’ll get us in the right direction.”
The one team that seems to doing exceptionally well is the basketball team. Last season, there were only five women on the roster, and not once did they forfeit or cancel a game. This year there are 15 women on the court consistently and they are still doing great. “I think the Lady Cougars will turn some heads this year.” said DiLorenzo.

by Victoria Brown

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