By Dane Demarest
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – You may have noticed a colorful display of holiday beauty in the Atrium while going about your business. ’Tis the season, and Camden County College’s second annual poinsettia sale has been taking place all week long.

The sale is being led by the Camden County College Foundation to raise funds for student scholarships. Last year the foundation raised more than $550 through the poinsettia sale. The sale will be taking place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday or until supplies run out.

The poinsettia sale offers a multitude of gifts for loved ones or those you appreciate. “They make great gifts for your family, or baby-sitters, or even dog-walkers,” said Myra Tryon, development associate for the foundation. The flowers are easy to maintain and come in a variety of colors. On top of this, you know your hard-earned money is going to support a cause that directly affects the community on campus. If you’re willing to put in the effort, the flowers can even be re-bloomed in following seasons, though it is a challenging endeavor.

If you desire something a little less needy, you may want to look into buying a Christmas cactus. This colorful and durable little plant requires little care and still has beauty like the poinsettia, albeit on a smaller scale.

A common myth about the poinsettia plant is if ingested it will be toxic to children and pets. Several studies have been done at universities across the country to disprove the falsehood. Poinsettia plants are actually nontoxic. Out of more than 20,000 reported incidents in which concerned parents rushed their children to hospitals out of fear, not a single one showed any signs of toxicity.

The Camden County College Foundation, led by William C. Thompson, is an organization of volunteers who devote their time and efforts to serve the surrounding community. In addition to its golf outings and casino nights, the foundation has been offering a yearly award for civic leadership within the community for the last five years. Any students interested in applying for a scholarship can do so in Roosevelt Hall, Room 105. The deadline is Feb. 15.

Prices at the poinsettia sale are:

Christmas cactus – $6
4.5-inch poinsettia – $8
8-inch potted poinsettia – $20
10-inch potted poinsettia – $28
All hanging baskets – $15

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