By Nico Martinez
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – With the film program at Camden County College being almost two years old, students are able to join thousands of others in pursuit of their dreams to produce or become the next best director. Tom Murray, who has been an administrator for 15 years at the Blackwood campus, finally was able to expand his assets within the college and begin to teach film classes, bringing his interests and hobby of film making to help students learn as much as possible about the intricate craft that is film production and directing.

“(Film is) ever-changing, you can’t know it all,” explains the Temple University graduate, where he also taught, along with teaching at Delaware County and Bucks County.

At the Blackwood campus, Murray teaches four different production and film classes, one of which is Film Appreciation; a class that simply basks in the countless different aspects of film making. As to whether Murray agrees some students choose certain college programs because of their place in the job market, he said, “People study things just because they have an interest in them.” He agrees with the fact recently in America it has been very difficult to find a job but knows some people still want to follow their passions and that is one of the main reasons he took on the chance to mold new students and help them along their paths.

Murray in his spare time makes short films with his friends as a hobby, which he says helps his career as a teacher. After only being a full-time instructor at Camden County College for a year, he still has a long road ahead of him and with more students finding out about the film program he gains more opportunity to do his part in making sure his students enter the film community with as much knowledge as possible. Even students who have to take his classes as an elective without it having necessarily to be part of their curriculum are still encouraged to learn about Murray’s passion. The advice he gives to all students aspiring to have a career in film is simply, “Learn as much as you can about it, there’s so many things to still learn. Make films, they may not be the best but practice always makes perfect.”

One thought on “Teacher shares interest in film

  1. As a student with a Communications Major at CCC, I was relatively unaware of what was happening in the Film Program, but, as a film fan, I was very curious about it. This article did help to shed some light on the program, namely the people and philosophies behind it. It was cool being able to see the background of the film professor, getting to know his previous teaching experience, how he personally feels about filmmaking, and what he strives to teach students. It was also interesting knowing that he too makes movies with his friends as a hobby, just like I do. It was great to see that the article didn’t shy away from the issue of the current job market and how becoming a film major might be difficult with the socioeconomic climate right now. However, it’s reassuring to know that people like Professor Murray want to prepare students to be knowledgeable enough to break into the movie business. I do wish that some of the article had been spent learning more about Professor Murray’s personal ideas and taste in films though. Specifically, I would like to know what some of his favorite movies are and what directors inspire him. Regardless, this was a quite informative article.

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