By Andrea Fortson
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – With more than 100 programs and approximately 30,000 students enrolled each year, Camden County College’s 2011 fall enrollment data suggests a favored major.cccjournalismpic1182012entry
The most recent data from fall 2011 enrollment, compiled by Alison Blizzard, CCC’s institutional research, planning and grants Associate, showed that 1,842 students are majoring in liberal arts and science with a science option for pre-nursing. This calculates to a higher percentage of students enrolled in one program than any other program of study at CCC.

Of the spring 2012 graduating class at CCC, 201 students graduated with an associate’s degree in liberal arts and sciences with, science option for pre-nursing.

As CCC students prepare to enter the work force or a four-year university, equipping them with the education of this same degree will allow them to be ready for a field that “will remain popular because of the stability of the nursing industry,” said to Joel Davidson, a communications major at CCC.

“We are in an area of the United States where there are a lot of hospitals. There’s a high demand for nurses.” Davidson said.

Davidson contends that, “with the digital ages, there are more people passionate about different communication forms such as online journalism, because of the increase in digital mass media and other technological advances.”

But, he believes that in 20 years “society will eventually get sick of technology being tied to every single aspect of life, and the liberal arts and sciences with a science option for pre-nursing will remain the most popular course of study at CCC for years to come.”

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