By Adam Greenberg
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The opening night performance of Agatha Christie’s “The Mousetrap” took place Nov. 30 in the Little Theater in Lincoln Hall.

Josh Carpenter portrays Sergeant Trotter. By Adam Greenberg, CCC Journalism Program

Josh Carpenter portrays Sergeant Trotter. By Adam Greenberg, CCC Journalism Program

The opening night of “The Mousetrap” had approximately 40 attendees. The Little Theater holds about 80 people. “The Mousetrap” is a murder mystery story about strangers being trapped in a mansion manor during a snowstorm and a murder being committed. They soon discover one of them is the murderer.

Stages, a community theater group, presented the play at Camden County College. The characters in the play include Mollie Ralston, Giles Ralston, Christopher Wren, Mrs. Boyle, Major Metcalf, Ms. Casewell, Mr. Paravicini and Sergeant Trotter. The play was directed by Donald Swenson.

One of the members of the audience, Jason Smith, 22, of Millville, had acted in “The Mousetrap” at another theater a couple of years ago. He had played the character of Christopher Wren. Smith said, “It brings back memories. It’s interesting to see a different actor portray the character that I had played once before.”

Another member of the audience, Christine Tanjutco, 41, of Cherry Hill, expressed her feeling about the show during intermission. Tanjutco said, “I think it’s great.”

Joy Hubbard. 59, of Mount Laurel, said she relished playing the role of Mrs. Boyle in the Stages production. Hubbard said, “I loved playing a bloody, nasty woman.” Hubbard said she also enjoyed the experience of working on the show. Hubbard said, “It reminds me how I loved acting.”

Josh Carpenter, 34, of New York City and Philadelphia, who played Sergeant Trotter, said he enjoyed the experience of performing in “The Mousetrap.” Carpenter said, “The thing that I enjoyed most about working on this play is getting to be the secret bad guy and showing the gun at the end.” Carpenter added this is his first play with Stages.

One thought on “‘The Mousetrap’ opens on CCC stage

  1. This story was important to me because I was the stage manager for The Mousetrap. This was the first time I had seen this article, and it made me happy that I was a part of such a successful production. I hope that more people will become aware of the fantastic Theater program right here at CCC. Most people would not expect a community college to offer such great work, especially when we are surrounded by the talent at well-known Philadelphia University Theatre programs. Not only are the shows high quality, but the attitudes are friendlier than at any university experience I have had.

    I believe the story was well written with statements from the actors and from patrons who attended and enjoyed the show. It also featured a nice summary of what the show was about. However, the story was posted before the show closed and revealed who the murderer really was. If they had built up the suspense a bit more, it may have enticed a few more people to attend.

    Another thing the article could have focused more on was the production side of things. How we made it snow behind the windows, and some detail about the intricate set and lighting design would have been a nice touch to add to the story. Otherwise, it was a very nice article! I do hope that another story will be written about STAGES upcoming production of How I Learned To Drive.

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