By Nico Martinez
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – The women’s basketball game hosted in the Camden County College Papiano Gym at the Blackwood campus between the Camden County College Cougars and the Montgomery County College Mustangs on Nov. 29, was a very close one with the Cougars taking the win by two points.

The Camden County College women's basketball team defeated Montgomery County College on Nov. 29. By Nico Martinez, CCC Journalism Program

The Camden County College women’s basketball team defeated Montgomery County College on Nov. 29. By Nico Martinez, CCC Journalism Program

Much aggression occurred between the two teams from the beginning as the fouls piled up early in both halves leading to both teams getting a chance at the foul line almost every other possession. Number 23 Tierra Moore, playing at guard for the Cougars, and her shooting skills proved to be a crucial part of the win, paired with number 25 point guard Dominique King-Wimberly’s excellent ball-handling and ability to draw a foul.

The first half proved to be quite difficult for the Cougars with the Mustangs’ defense forcing many turnovers and turning them into points. Going into halftime with the Mustangs up by eight it looked as if the Mustangs were going to take the win; however, when the Cougars came out of the locker room they had different plans for the second half. The beginning of the second half was just as contested as the first, but with three minutes left the Cougars went on a tear, taking the lead and putting the score at 51-44.

The next three points for the Cougars were easy foul shots while the next two baskets made by the Mustangs were perfectly set up three pointers followed by a fast break layup that gave them another two points. With the clock winding down and the Cougars up by two, the Mustangs tried their best to make the last shot to tie the game but were unsuccessful.

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