Scoreboard at baseball field on Blackwood campus

By Greg Brecht
CCC Journalism Program­­­

CCC is a commuter college and the main priorities of students are school and work. The athletic programs suffer from a lack of interest from students, but ultimately from a lack of knowledge.

Spreading the word about the sports teams is one of the responsibilities of Athletic Director Peter DiLorenzo.

“I too have heard several times in the past that students were not aware that we had a baseball team or a women’s basketball team, etc.,” said DiLorenzo.

“It takes a lot of work getting the word out cheaply,” he said.  “We don’t have a budget to put up huge signs on campus asking students to come out for sports.”

DiLorenzo believes that lack of knowledge appears to be the problem, with a large amount of the student population unaware of exactly what sports are offered on campus.

A survey of 30 students around campus revealed that a surprising majority of students are aware of only about half the actual number of teams on campus. The response most given was six teams.

The correct answer is that there are 10 sports teams at CCC. There are men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, baseball, softball,  men’s and women’s cross-country, and men’s and women’s golf teams on campus.

The teams most left out of the survey answers were men’s and women’s cross- county and men’s and women’s golf.

Despite it being offered, there was not enough interest this year to form a women’s golf team. DiLorenzo addressed the status of CCC golf.

“Since they [students] cannot see a golf course on campus they wouldn’t expect that we have a golf team,” he said.  “In fact our golf teams are very good.  I get phone calls all the time from 4-year universities asking for any female golfers that they are willing to give a full-ride athletic scholarship without even seeing them play!”

DiLorenzo remains optimistic about the future of sports at CCC.

“Still, the best way to advertise is to put on a good show, be professional and hope that the student word of mouth puts us out there.”

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