By Michael Traficante
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Professor Nicholas DiCicco has accomplished a lot in his career as a professor. Many of his accomplishments have helped many in their pursuit of education.

Professor Nicholas DiCicco has taught at Camden County College for 14 years. By Michael Traficante, CCC Journalism Program

DiCicco has been a professor at Camden County College since August 1998. He came to Camden County College for an opportunity to teach closer to his home.

Since starting at the school, DiCicco took the job of supervising and running day-to-day operations of the Health and Exercise Science Department. He holds classes for health and wellness as well as sports management classes.

Student Richard Iacuzio said, “DiCicco is a great professor and I always look forward to taking his class.” DiCicco can be a tough professor at times; however, he makes his classes pleasant to attend.

DiCicco has had many goals, including to improve the quality of instructors hired, develop new degrees and create and expand partnerships with local businesses and universities. He has accomplished them all.

DiCicco used three key elements in accomplishing these goals. First he had a vision, then a plan of action to carry out that vision and finally a system to remain organized.

He said hiring excellent workers helped keep these three elements intact.

He developed two new degree programs and one new certificate program. He developed an internship site with the Philadelphia Soul. He has been at Comcast-Spectacor for Rutgers-Camden athletics and Rowan University athletics and helped create a degree completion partnership with Fairleigh Dickinson University. He also developed the first health online course as well as many other new courses, which helped increase enrollment in his department.
Camden County College uses a book he helped develop for its health and wellness courses.

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