By Dane Demarest
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Jamie Myerson. You may have heard him speaking at the new student orientation back in September. Myerson is in charge of the Camden County College radio station 91.5 WDBK, a student club open to all students enrolled at Camden County College. The only requirement other than being a registered student is to maintain a 2.0 GPA, students of any major can participate in the fun. The club offers extensive hands-on experience as well as the opportunity to network with a variety of personalities from different backgrounds and interests. WDBK, which is a constantly growing entity, hopes to incorporate online streaming in the near future, but this isn’t the only thing on Myerson’s plate.

In addition to running the 91.5 WDBK station on campus, Myerson is also an adjunct instructor for the audio recording certificate program. The certificate program focuses on providing students with the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to record and edit music. If you dream of having your own studio then this is the program for you. Who better to instruct the course than Camden County’s own Jamie Myerson who owns a studio located right in Blackwood, N.J.? That’s right, on top of everything else Myerson also owns and operates his very own recording studio. Having a deeply rooted interest in music led him to become a musician and it would seem that everything else fell into place stemming from his love and respect for music. “It’s a full plate, something going on every day!” says Myerson.

It would seem that his efforts have been paying off. Several students across campus have nothing but kind words in regards to this hard-working professor. His experience, coupled with a laidback personality and cool attitude, make him an easy figure to get along with and to relate to. The wealth of experience that he brings to the table lets students know that he has a solid grip on the subjects he is involved with. If you’re a musician, have an interest in working in broadcasting, or just enjoy music then you should heavily consider joining Myerson and his students in class or club for a fun learning experience alongside like-minded individuals.

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