By Emily Vidas
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – If you’ve ever had Ms. Andrea Vinci as an English teacher at Camden County College, you know how genuine she is. Vinci is kind, intelligent, humorous and easy to get along with – the professor every student wants to have.

Andrea Vinci teaches English at Camden County College. By Emily Vidas, CCC Journalism Program

Vinci has been a teacher for six years. She began teaching at Camden County College during the 2007-2008 school year as an English professor. She has also taught English at Burlington County College, La Salle University, and up until two years ago she was a high school teacher as well. Vinci admits, “I like the intellectual freedom and diversity of the college classroom, but it also is a much more flexible schedule with being a mom.”

So why become a teacher in the first place? As a little girl who could never put down her copy of “Little House on the Prairie” or “Anne of Green Gables,” it was as if she was destined to become an English teacher. “I’ve never stopped reading, my tastes have just improved a little,” Vinci says with a smile. Her love for books eventually transformed into a love for writing. Though public relations was her first choice in college, she eventually decided working in a classroom with students was the right thing for her.

Not only is she great with students, but she keeps her passion for writing and English alive outside of the classroom. While teaching at La Salle, Vinci worked with the “Writers Matter” program, a division of the Freedom Writers Organization (like the 2007 biography movie, “Freedom Writers”). “It was an eye-opening experience watching the profound effect that writing can have on young people’s lives,” says Vinci.

Currently, Vinci is the head editor for Philadelphia Stories, Jr. (children’s literary magazine) for grades kindergarten through fourth. “I originally served on the fiction editorial board of Philadelphia Stories (adult version), and we started talking about launching a children’s literary magazine … I volunteered right away.” Being a head editor for Philadelphia Stories, Jr. gives Vinci the opportunity to run workshops in classrooms and libraries, read the children’s submissions, and choose what will be published in each issue.

Vinci has done appearances and presentations at a variety of different schools throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. She spoke at the “Push to Publish Conference” at Rosemont University and was featured at Barnes and Noble for an educator event. Vinci even has a self-published young adult book titled “Adam’s Prep.” Among these accomplishments, however, she would say her greatest achievement to date is with her students. “Seeing what some of them are able to achieve and what they go on to do is amazing. I learn just as much from them as they do from me.”

Many of us do not find our true calling or passion in life, leading us to be unhappy. “I absolutely love teaching. The people I work with are wonderful and I’ve learned so much about how a college runs behind the scenes – it’s fascinating.” She adds, “I’m quite happy all around with what I do, and I love how each semester starts fresh with a new schedule and new faces.” They say do what you love and love what you do, and Andrea Vinci does just that.

One thought on “Educator cherishes writing, English, teaching

  1. I have known “Andi” since before she was born and it is with tears in my eyes that I read this piece about her. You hit the nail on the head when you described her as intelligent,kind, humorous, and easy to get along with. What you may not know about Andi is that she is one of the most loving young mothers I have ever known and as a teacher myself for the past thirty years I have met a multitude of young mothers!

    We all have had some hardships in our lives at one point or another and Andi is no exception, but throughout her life’s trials she has demonstrated clearly that she is a woman of substance. Undaunted by roadblocks in her way, Andrea has been determined to create a stable, safe, and loving environment for her kids and personally, I think that is one of her greatest achievements.

    Her students are very fortunate to have her as an instructor; her own life experiences bring so much to her classroom. I am not surprised by her succes!

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