By Matthew Tirado
CCC Journalism Program

CAMDEN – Camden County College Adjunct Professor and Academic Adviser Theodore Goyins is passionate not only about teaching but also about literature.

The accomplished writer is working on his second book, which will be a prequel to his first, “Expressions of a Man,” which was published in August 2011 after three years in the making. Along with his many successes, however, came many challenges for the Florida A&M business and marketing administration graduate.

Goyins, who has been dealing with health issues since age 14, was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2005. During his last year of college, he was forced to take some time off to deal with his illness and have the kidney transplant that ultimately saved his life.

As to how those life-changing events have changed his perspective, the second-year teacher said, “It’s definitely a motivator to live out my dreams, because often times we take those for granted and we’ll push those back to the side because we think we have our whole life ahead of us.”

Goyins, who said his goal was always to become a teacher, nonetheless found his purpose in writing as a way to release the emotional pain that followed his adversities. “I was tired of holding all the pain and stuff in, so I needed an outlet for that,” he said, “because I wasn’t comfortable with sharing it with my family and friends. I didn’t want them to worry about me.”

Outside of writing, teaching is extremely important to Goyins, who said becoming a teacher was the reason behind getting his master’s degree.

“He’s serious and dedicated about his profession,” said Raymond Davis, first-year addictions counseling major, who spoke of how Goyins would continuously get on him for being late to class. “I’ve been getting there on time,” he said, “so guess it’s working.”

“I always judged him like I’m not messing with him, until I got to know him,” said Khalied Sweatte, second-year student from Camden, N.J. “Now we talk about everything,” he said with a smile on his face.

As Goyins continues to write and teach, he’s also planning plays and movies. His book “Expressions of a Man” can be purchased on amazon.com.

Theodore Goyins returns tests to his College Success students. By Matthew Tirado, CCC Journalism Program

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