By Connie Egan
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Anne McGinley, the dean of nursing hired earlier this year, has been busy trying to build a new program with Chinese students who are interested in coming here to learn medicine. They were in town last week to explore Philadelphia and see Camden County College. Landing a program like this has been one of the many goals McGinley has set for herself in the short amount of time she has been here.

Dr. Anne McGinley signs paperwork at her desk. By Connie Egan, CCC Journalism Program

McGinley’s experience before becoming the dean of nursing at Camden County College was as chief nursing officer and vice president of education and research for the Lourdes Health System as well as dean of Our Lady of Lourdes School of Nursing before that.

“In the short time that Dr. McGinley has been at the college, she has added significant contributions to our allied health and nursing career programs. As a practitioner, a nurse executive, an educator and a college administrator, she brings a breadth of experience to the college that will help us set our priorities for the coming years,” said Dr. Marge Hamilton, vice president of academic affairs at Camden County College.

Hamilton had worked closely with McGinley on projects at CCC before asking her to “throw her hat in the ring for the dean’s position” McGinley said.

“I had left my former position back last fall. Dr. Hamilton asked me if I would be interested in coming and helping them with some projects, which I did. I came in January to work with Dr. Hamilton and Dean (Wendy) Blume on specifically bringing a baccalaureate program to the campus, the new science building, the practical nursing program doing some work with them, then got involved with this project with China,” McGinley said.

McGinley spent time in China visiting the Nanyang Medical College and learning about what they are looking for in the program.

“They love the idea of students coming here and perhaps some faculty. They also like the idea of us sending some faculty there. They are in the process of building a more Western medicine-type hospital. A lot of care is given using traditional Chinese medicine. They want their people to graduate their school to be able to deliver care that would be expected in a Western hospital,” McGinley said. “We are looking at an opportunity for a faculty fellowship program to go back and forth and a student fellowship to go back and forth as well as the original plan to bring a group of students over to receive an international health care certificate.”

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