By Max McGee
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Drew Banks is a former student at Camden County College. However, he does not look at the school like he is so far removed from the institution like many alumni do. The former communications major is trying to make an appearance as a teacher in the communications department at the college.

The graduate of Florida State University could probably accept a job anywhere in the country but his number one destination is to be back in Blackwood in any capacity.

“I remember coming in there as a wide-eyed naïve freshman who didn’t take school seriously,” he says. “I think I could relate to young people and tell them what it takes to succeed in college and move on to the next level.”

When Banks graduated from Winslow High School, he had no idea what he wanted to do upon entering college. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to do engineering or meteorology. He did not even think he was college material and was intimidated by college course work because of what all the teachers have said during his entire scholastic career.

“It isn’t for everybody, but I wanted to challenge myself,” Banks says. “The topic of weather always intrigued me dating back to when I was a little kid. When I found out it was actually a possibility to teach it or pursue it as an actual job, I was thrilled. I still had to make a choice though, but after praying about it, I decided meteorology was the correct path to go through. As a result, I chose communications as my major so I can use that for a degree to be on television.”

The 24-year-old feels he is ready for the challenge but is not expecting anything to happen immediately. He feels he has to put in “his dues” to be back at his alma mater of CCC.

“We’ll see,” Banks says. “I know that the school has great teachers in place already so I may have to wait for my turn and both sides will evaluate when the time is right.”

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