By B. A. Woodruff
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – “History doesn’t simply repeat itself exactly, rather than it repeats itself inexactly,” claimed Dr. Theodore Barthold, sitting at his seat making a continuous circular motion with his finger during a recent interview.

Dr. Theodore Barthold demonstrates the commerce line between Europe and the United States during one of his classes. By B. A. Woodruff, CCC Journalism Program

Barthold graduated from Penn State with a bachelor’s degree and proceeded to graduate from Temple with a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in history. “I was at Penn State. I realized if I wanted a job (as a professor), I had to get it,” he said.

As a history professor, Barthold holds 45 years of experience in teaching. Five years before becoming a professor, he taught as a secondary history teacher in a public school.

He has also held the chair and coordinator position of the history department at Camden County College for at least 25 years.

As for his hopes for current and future history majors, Barthold said he wants students pursuing the major “to get a job!” In addition to teaching history, one can obtain a degree in archival and business work.

Also during the interview, Barthold discussed the importance of the recent presidential election and its relevance to history. “It is a good illustration,” he said. “An example, one of the key debates during the 2012 election was the same debate our forefathers debated on, the separation of state and church.”

As for the most rewarding experience he has teaching history, Barthold said that is “getting students to understand why the world is the way it is today.”

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