By: Rachel Mauro
CCC Journalism Program

Election day is around the corner. On Nov. 6, more than 200 million people will go to the polls to cast their ballots.

Every four years, every American adult is given the privilege to voice their opinion through voting.

Some salient questions remain: Are the undecided voters still undecided? And are there any left?

The big question is: Are the voters properly informed enough to make a decision?

An unscientific survey of 10 random students showed that not one of the students is properly informed about the candidates and their positions for the upcoming election.

When asked who they were voting for, four out of 10 students refused to respond.

When asked if voting at the upcoming election, Camden County College student Marya Cabatingan said, “I’m not voting because I’m not knowledgable of politics.”

According to Winning Campaigns, 86 percent of voters are of average education and 14 percent of voters have an above average education on the topics of elected officials.

Harry Doerr, a student at CCC, said he was not informed enough to make an educated vote in the upcoming election. Doerr also said that voting is important “if you are informed on who you are voting for.”

CCC student Trisha Casey is voting for her own reasons. Casey said, “I’m voting for Obama because he relates more to me than Romney does.”

Every student surveyed said that they thought voting was important. The students said they choose not to vote due to lack of knowledge still view voting as important.

Tremaine Thompson believes voting is important “because if you want changes in your world, voting is the key.”

Why do students believe voting is important but are still not educated enough to vote?

According to National Center For Education Statistics, 49 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds voted in the 2008 presidential election.

The center also said that 71 percent of people with a bachelor’s degree voted compared to the 57 percent with some college education.

Survey taken from http://www.polipsych.com

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