By Michael Traficante
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College’s radio station is trying to reach out to potential listeners and make sure they know the station exists.

The station, WDBK 91.5 FM, has operated for many years, but some CCC students don’t know they can listen to and join the station’s staff. Some students say they rarely see or hear advertising for the station, even though WDBK plays a big role in almost all of the college’s activities. This helps to let more students know about the station.

The station’s frequency and power make it hard sometimes for listeners. It is hard to receive a good signal on a normal radio. A car radio works best, but usually there is interference from other stations. This is mainly because the station has a limited number of amps they can put out, based on regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

The station has no way to track listeners who pick up the station over the airwaves; however, the station will begin worldwide live streaming and will be able to count listeners by the Internet provider addresses in the next semester.

Students are allowed to be a part of the station by having shows on air as disc jockeys. As DJs at the station, they create names for their shows, such as Techno Tuesdays, and can create Facebook pages to expand toward more listeners and fans.

Students must meet some requirements to be a part of the station. They must be taking classes and have a grade point average of at least 2.0. The station is not a commercial station, but it is more of a student club.

“Most clubs have student officers; however, because there are no student officers it keeps it fair if everyone must keep a 2.0,” said Jamie Myerson, manager of the station. He said the rule helps keep an incentive for students who want to be a part of WDBK to do well in their classes.

Right to left: Nick Lang, Christian Moss and Matt Snyder work on setting up a music list for the next show. By Michael Traficante, CCC Journalism Program

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