By Nicole Baus
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Today marks the third and final presidential debate between presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney and many young adults are still uneducated about the upcoming presidential election.

One of the many Rock the Vote posters in each building of the Camden County College Blackwood campus urges young adults to vote. By Nicole Baus, CCC Journalism Program

Young voters, ages 18 to 29, make up 24 percent of the electorate and only half of those eligible voters will vote come Election Day, Nov. 6. Sixty-two percent of these young voters are college students. Camden County College has not done much to raise their students’ awareness about the importance of voting.

Posted all over the Camden County College Blackwood campus are Rock the Vote posters. Rock the Vote is an organization that focuses on engaging young adults in politics and urging them to cast a vote because everyone’s opinion matters. Almost every hallway in each campus building has a poster, but the college has done next-to-nothing to engage their students like the organization preaches.

In mid-September the college held an event discussing the presidential election and the future of America, but said Barbara Palmer, the project coordinator for the Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility at Camden County College, not many, if any, students attended.

Why aren’t students engaged in the upcoming election enough to want to hear more? Said third-year student Kevin Garretson, students will be as interested in politics as they want to be, with or without the school.

“I do not feel a school function would motivate students to go out and register. However, I do believe if the school held a function to register to vote it would increase interest,” Garretson said. He continued although he is extremely familiar with the presidential campaign and would like to vote, he is unregistered.

Unlike Garretson, many other students at Camden County College are not even interested enough in the upcoming election to care what each man stands for. Colton Macaluso, pursuing his second degree at the college, said he knows little about the candidates but does think the school should provide more information.

“The teachers should be forced to discuss the campaign, but everything I do is based off of what I want to do. I don’t do things because people persuade me to do them, I do it because I want to,” Macaluso said.

Macaluso said while he not be interested in the upcoming election, he knows other students who are uninformed might be interested in the campaign but just don’t know where to look for insight.

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