By Max McGee
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Barbara Palmer, the project coordinator for the Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility, acknowledges more could be done to publicize the programs the center presents.

Anthropologist Patrick McGovern holds a beer tasting lecture at CCC. By Max McGee, CCC Journalism Program

Midway through October, student Trae White said he had “no clue” about a recent event the center presented. “I’m just here to do my work and that’s it, especially since I split time between Blackwood and Cherry Hill,” the sophomore said about whether he knew about a beer tasting/lecture on campus.

Palmer said the center has been trying to get information about events, such as a mini-course called Hunger Games in Context held on Mondays in October, to more students on campus. “We have contacted students via email about our programs. Also, we have a PowerPoint playing on the big screen in the atrium in the Connector Building where many students pass through,” she said.

As to whether the student government could play more of a role in relaying information about upcoming events to students on other campuses, she said, “That would be a great idea.”

White said students should try to learn about what the center presents.

“It is all up to us to see the efforts made by the Civic Leadership. The school gives us every opportunity to succeed, but you can only lead a horse to the water. You can’t make him drink it,” said White.

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