By: Marc Gallagher

CCC Journalism

Camden County College has transformed their web design and development certificate into an associate’s degree.

The idea gained momentum when the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics projected about 65,700 new jobs will need to be filled by 2020.

The program was due to begin this semester, but was approved late and not advertised much. The program is holding only one inaugural class, Web Multimedia, with 11 students this semester.

The programs coordinator, Elaine Reeder, has a background not only in teaching, but also educational web design.

Even though the program started a little rocky, Reeder is optimistic that the program will be successful and popular beginning next semester.

Before this program, CCC offered a certificate, but it was very outdated. This new program brings the curriculum up to date Reeder said.

Reeder is planning to keep the program current and make changes where the field is advancing. She believes the program is going to be strong and prepare students for four year schools, such as Rowan and Rutgers.

Reeder said an advantage to the two year program compared to a four-year program is the ever changing nature of web design. Along with the savings in tuition, the program is attractive to prospective students.

Reeder also noticed students on unemployment have interest in the program due to the job growth and demand.

She is excited to give these students a useful set of skills that will assist them in getting a job in this newly expanded field.

This new program is just another example of the how the college is keeping up with the current job market and offering students more options in their educational journey.

The CIM building where the new program will hold class.

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