By: Dez Davis

CCC Journalism Program

The Camden County College men’s soccer team has never backed down, and it has always looked for the best players to represent its school, even if it means going out of the country.

“It was late July when Coach Giusseppe Lamberti called me saying they would be scouting international players to come play on the soccer team,” said Peter DiLorenzo, the athletic director of CCC. “There are five players from Australia and one player from England.”

There is a scouting program that video tapes games in Australia. It edits the games and makes it into a video for coaches for any college in the nation.

These videos are put on an international website where coaches go and view the videos of the players.

There is a person who is in charge of the international players who oversees them coming to the United States and finds a team that best fits them.

If the coach likes you he will give you a call or send you an email. One of the Australian players that received a call is Julian Casasola.

Casasola is a 19-year-old freshman who came from Australia with four other players he didn’t know prior to coming to CCC.

His position is center midfield wing, or front, but is happy to play wherever the coach wants him to.

“I got into the scouting program with the rest of the guys; they directed us to many different colleges in the nation, Casasola said. “Some required SAT’s, and some of them did not. CCC was one of the better schools that didn’t require them. We all had different options but we were told it was the best and that’s why we all came here.”

Coming from Gold Coast, Australia, Casasola said that it’s different living in southern New Jersey than back home.

“It’s very peaceful, there is a lot of things we have here that we don’t have back home,” he said “There’s more scenery here, the other day I was passing woods and I saw a deer and squirrels for the first time, so I took photos because I’m not used to it.”

The routine for the international players has been different as well.

In Australia, they play one game at the end of the week. Here, they play more games during the week in a more compacted schedule.


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