By: Rachel Mauro

CCC Journalism Program

From a struggling season of five wins and 20 loses, Camden County College’s women’s basketball team is anticipating making the playoffs this season.

With a hindered team of five players, last season did not turn out so well.

During last season Dominique King, a returning basketball player said, “It was a hard season because of the lack of players. It became easier though because we were used to playing with each other.”

Not long after, King had suffered a knee injury and the team was down to only four players.

Practice began Oct. 1 for the college women’s basketball team. The team has been in the Papiano Gym doing workouts since June.

After recruiting girls from high schools and other community colleges,  there are 11 women on the team.

“We run a tight ship over here,” Coach MollyAnne Light explained.

“I have high hopes for us this season,” King said.

With size, speed, and agility on the team’s side, Light and her team are looking forward to an astounding season of wins and celebration.

Light expressed her concern for this season’s games, not for the players, but for the lack of fan support and attention.

“We could really use some attention. I want people to know we are here,” Light said before a work out with her team.

The team’s first game is Thursday Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. in the Papiano Gym against Middlesex Community College.


Dominique King during practice.

By: Rachel Mauro

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