Joseph Papiano Memorial Gymmasium

By Evgeniya Sokolova
CCC Journalism Program

Now that the summer is coming, more and more people are thinking of what they are going to look like at the beach. You can go to a dietitian to get an idea of what food is best for you or join a gym to work out.

But Camden County College students have another option.

CCC offers a variety of classes that can be useful for keeping fit, as well as completing a health and exercise science elective many students need to graduate.

Some students attend exercise classes because they like the activity.

“Some people need this one credit, but I just like playing,” said Derek Chan, a student in a volleyball class.

A sports management major, Madison Sinilnik, said that although the health and wellness class she is taking is a requirement for her, she finds it “interesting and useful,” as do many of her classmates, who do not need the subject for their majors.

Personal fitness and weight training professor Donna Buck-Cohen said the same goes for the majority of her students. They seem interested in the subjects, no matter whether they need the credits to graduate or not.

The focus of her Personal Fitness class is “to look at their (students’) level of fitness and see if they can improve it,” she said.

Improving students’ level of fitness and teaching them how to do certain exercises is the basis of her weight training class. This class is a more practical one and is taught in the Wellspring Fitness Lab in the Papiano Gymmasium.

The grade students receive for the class depends on how much they have learned about the equipment and how well they can put it to use.

“It’s about the effort students put in, not how much weight they can lift,” said Buck-Cohen.

Buck-Cohen said a student doesn’t need to be enrolled in a class to use the fitness lab. Cardio equipment and weights are available to anyone who is dressed appropriately and has a student ID.

Director of Health and Exercise Science programs Nicholas DiCicco said it is advisable that students, who want to use the lab, check the schedule first. It can be found on a stand by the Papiano Gymmasium entrance.

“The problem with the lab is that its availability is limited, because we also teach classes there,” said DiCicco. It is normally available in the afternoon, as most of the classes are taught in the morning and is usually open until 6 p.m.

First-year students Kareem Lazarus and Sagar Desai are among those who take advantage of the fitness lab. “It’s really good for something that is free,” said Desai.

Yoga, badminton, volleyball, pilates based conditioning, cardio kickboxing, tai chi, weight training, and other health and exercise science classes provide students with an opportunity to exercise. Professors are also ready to help if students need assistance in the fitness lab.

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