By: Mariel Bundalian

CCC Journalism Program

Students of the Camden County College Dental Hygiene Club handed out brochures and free giveaways to help promote its dental services during the annual Spring Fling.

CCC’s Spring Fling took place this past Wednesday on April 25.

Besides the free food and music, many students stood behind their decorated tables advertising their club or organization here at CCC.

Michelle Disalvo and her fellow Dental Hygiene Club members did just that, as they greeted each student with a warm welcoming by their table.

“No one really knows we have a clinic here at CCC”, said Michelle Disalvo, 1st year student in the dental hygiene program.

The club member’s main goal was to inform students of CCC the location of the Dental Clinic. The dental hygiene clinic is located on the Blackwood campus in Taft Hall, room 204.

The Dental Clinic provides services like x-rays, sealants, and teeth cleaning.

The dental hygiene club members even decorated their table with free brochures, toothpastes, mouthwash, and coupons for students.

Although students were given brochures to read, the eager club members still took time out to mention the well-qualified services and affordable prices.

The dental club members didn’t only want to advertise the clinic’s affordable prices, but also to let other students know about the professional education they are receiving here at CCC.

“We want to promote oral healthcare, said Tracey Stranahan, first year student in the dental hygiene program.

“No one is really interested in learning why they should get their teeth cleaned.”

The club members showed their passion for helping others by asking students important questions about their oral care.

The club often participates in events such as Kids a Smile and Toys for Tots where they reach out to younger children with poor oral hygiene.

The new Dental Hygiene Clinic will be located in the new science
building expected to completed this year.

Need oral cleaning? Visit the dental hygiene clinic located on the Blackwood campus in Taft Hall, room 204.

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