By Karlee Adair

When you think of Camden County College, you might not think of its sports teams and think just academics.
Peter DiLorenzo he been the athletic director of CCC sports for a year but he’s been apart of the CCC community for nine.
CCC has four sports: women and men’s soccer, softball and baseball, men’s and women’s basketball and men’s and women’s golf. Next year, cross-country will be added for both men and women.
“CCC used to have field hockey, wrestling, tennis, and cross country,” said DiLorenzo.
“We got rid of them due to a lack of facility maintenance, cost of running these sports, lack of van transportation, and a lack of student interest.”
“If CCC still had them, I might have considered to joined wrestling… to stay in shape and something to add to my resume in the future” said Kenny Hale a student at CCC.
Kenny Li, another student at CCC, said, “I wouldn’t think about joining any of CCCs sports teams because I only like soccer.”
Dilorenzo said, “In any event a lack of student participation results in the folding of the program. This year we had five girls on the basketball team. If one of them quit or got hurt, we would have to forfeit games and ultimately declare a club team or fold the program. This would be devastating.”
“Field hockey, lacrosse, bowling are sports that not many colleges had, so travel would be an issue and the scheduling of games would get boring. We would play the same colleges over and over,” said Dilorenzo.

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