By Anthony Rizzo
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – With the current semester winding down to its end and another looming ahead in the fall, it can only be time for one thing, registration.

Although most students are probably familiar with registering for fall and spring courses, it is still possible to register for a summer course. Registration for summer courses began on March 19 and is still ongoing. One hundred percent payment is due at the time of registration and there are five different periods that you can register for, spanning from May to July.

Of course it is also possible to register for the fall semester and students can take advantage of early registration up until May 31. This registration is available to anyone and allows payment to be deferred until July 9. For students who are not in a hurry to register, open registration begins on June 1 and runs through Aug. 31, which is the deadline as the semester begins on Sept. 4. Brochures with further information are available in the registrar building on campus or available for viewing on the camdencc.edu website.

Along with information on dates for classes and registration, the CCC website also has detailed information on the registration process for new and returning students. On campus students have the ability to meet with advisors to discuss which classes are necessary to take in regards to their major. Although it’s possible to meet with an advisor, the actual registration is handled with Web Advisor on the Internet. Web Advisor is a program that allows students to search via course subject and number and select from Camden County’s offering of classes and then register for them. Students are also even able to pay for their classes from Web Advisor but they also can choose to pay in person at the registrar building.

Ron Duranceau, a student of Camden County for three semesters, said this about the registration process, “The advisors were very helpful about getting me the classes that I wanted and the registration only took me a few minutes on Web Advisor.”

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