By Allison Worrell
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Kneebody performed at Camden County College on Monday, April 16. A large, neon flashing sign read, “Kneebody Live!” on the wall just to the side of the connector building performance room. Curious students caught a glimpse of this flashing news sign, and they made their way into the show.

Students wait for Kneebody to perform. By Allison Worrell, CCC Journalism Program

The band had been initially invited to perform at CCC by Professor Mike Billingsley. Monday was this American jazz band’s fourth performance at CCC. Kneebody set up their equipment on stage, while eager students sat in the audience patiently waiting to discover what Kneebody had to offer. Amps were plugged into instruments, students continued to gather in, and the band looked focused and eager to play.

“How is everyone doing? It’s good to be back,” was Kneebody’s opening line. A mixed melody of trumpet, trombone, drum and piano welcomed the audience. Students sat attentively as Kneebody strung together the soothing sounds of jazz with a twist of the 2000s.

Kaveh Rastegar, the bass player of the band, said, “It was fantastic performing at CCC. The space was great. It was nice to work with the students of the recording class who were all working very hard and were very professional.”

The students lit the room and made Kneebody feel welcomed. They remained attentive. A few bags of Cheetos and a few cups of coffee did not harm the attentiveness, and last-minute cramming for finals didn’t hurt either. The band hosted a question-and-answer session afterward.

Rastegar said, “I got great vibes from the students there. It seemed like a really diverse group. There were people from all walks of life – male and female, a truly ideal audience. People were all really attentive and it was great talking with everyone afterward.”

“Thanks everybody, we are Kneebody!” Kneebody said as it wrapped up its final song, and the Q&A followed shortly after that. Some students stayed to speak to the band afterward, and some students left. Dental hygiene student Ariel Torrance said, “I wish I could stay for the Q&A, but I have class. Finals week is killin’ me, ya know!”

The band plans to return in June for a summer concert. Rastegar said, “Performing is fantastic … I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

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