By Ryan Dickinson
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Hearing the phrase art exhibition causes many people to conjure images of a stuffy room filled with pretentious pedants finding meanings in glasses of milk. Camden County College’s artist population, however, is attempting to break this stigma attached to art. Through CCC’s 45th Annual Visual Arts Student Exhibition, artists will have the opportunity to present and even sell their work to the Camden County student body. The exhibition, which began April 25 and runs until May 11, features teacher-recommended works of some of the best artists the school has to offer.

Although the 45th Annual Student Show is a wonderful opportunity for growing artists to share their work, similar chances outside of this event are difficult to come by. Amanda Hutchinson, a friend of an entrant in the show, says, “People would be surprised at the current number of students with art majors and minors that have nowhere to display their talent.” Hutchinson, an artist herself, says art exhibitions are often difficult to find and even harder to enter. “Unless you are recognized or know someone,” she claims, “it is near impossible to get into one.” Hutchinson, however, lauds The Annual Student Show, believing it “is a great outlet for this ability and encourages artists to continue doing what they love.”

These are examples of the eclectic works of art that can be found in the Marlin Gallery at the 45th Annual Visual Arts Student Exhibition. By Ryan Dickinson, CCC Journalism Program

The 45th Annual Visual Arts Student Exhibition is being held in the Marlin Gallery of Lincoln Hall at Camden County College’s Blackwood campus. The Marlin Gallery is an expansive studio separated into two rooms and is currently housing some of the best works of art Camden County students have to offer. Although it is tucked surreptitiously away at the back of Lincoln Hall, searching for the gallery is certainly worth the time. Upon discovery, one’s eyes are drawn instantly in a dozen different directions to the many dazzling colors and figures that grace the room. In all, the exhibition consists of 76 different pieces ranging from watercolor portraits and still-life photography to ceramic busts and sport-inspired paintings. The gallery even has a few pieces to which attempts at description would do no justice. The exhibit also provides a comment book in which students can choose and even critique their favorite pieces.

The 45th Annual Visual Arts Student Exhibition is set to run for almost three weeks, giving students the opportunity to see the works at their leisure. The exhibit, as well, is non-guided, affording students the ability to see the pieces they want without added feelings of pressure or obligation.

The gallery is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 3 p.m. and Wednesdays from 3 to 5 p.m. All are welcome, from the most erudite of art aficionados to interested first timers, and there is certain to be a favorite piece on show for everyone.

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