By Courtney Johnson
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – On April 19, China went above and beyond by filling its table with information through beautiful and eye-catching details about the country at International Day at Camden County College.

The lower level of the connector building was filled with students walking around and learning the different cultures that all came together for this eventful day. There was a fashion show, people dressed in their country’s traditional attire, a variety of foods, and tons of tables with different countries represented on each of them. There was a lot of attention being paid to the tables with the different countries, but the table for China was one of the many that stood out among the rest.

China’s table had so much to show to the campus that it used two tables to show the different parts of the country and its history. The tables were filled with handmade crafts, calligraphy books, and fans with poetry written on them. Also on top of the tables were posters with facts about China, pictures of Chinese porcelain, and a chart of zodiac signs and their interpretations of the different animals given to specific years.

As people were looking at China’s presentation, they were eagerly greeted by Chinese native Yao Yu. The cheerful and friendly young woman told the viewers about Chinese culture and even a little about herself.

“I came to this school one year ago. I came to study,” said Yu.

Yu went further into her life story, explaining she is the only one in her family to come to America. However, she said, even though her family is still in China and she misses them very much, she is still glad to be getting her education and she can still keep in contact with them.

Yu was very excited about her tables about China, but she wasn’t the only one. Student Monet Jones could not take her eye off of the tables. “There’s so much to learn about China with just two tables. The entire presentation was great,” she said.

“Seeing her so excited to know and share some of the great things about her country makes me want to listen to her talk about (China) and then go home and learn things about where I’m from,” said another student, Ciana Woods, who is African American.

Yao Yu shows students the animal that represents the year they were born. By Courtney Johnson, CCC Journalism Program

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