By Jason Ciecka
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Grammy-nominated band Kneebody performed a free concert Monday, April 16, at Camden County College. The concert took place in Civic Hall on the school’s campus in Blackwood. The concert was free for students who are attending the school. The concert was sponsored by the college’s music and student activities program.

Kneebody is a jazz band that has been around for 12 years. It is based in Los Angeles and consists of five members, Adam Benjamin playing the keyboard, Ben Wendel playing the saxophone, Kaveh Rastegar playing the bass, Nate Wood playing the drums and Shane Endsley playing the trumpet. Kneebody will be touring in Europe later this month, according to its official website, http://www.kneebody.com.

The concert at Civic Hall was full of students and fans of the band who work at the college. Most of the people were students who had a music course at the college.

Dave Reynolds, a student at Camden County College, said he attended the concert to get extra credit in his music appreciation class. Another student, Mike Rossi, stated he was at the concert to write a review of the band for his music appreciation class.

The band was very upbeat and glad everyone attended. That the concert was in the middle of the day made it slightly challenging for some students who had class. Throughout the concert students were leaving and coming into the hall and causing some distraction. Kneebody reacted in a professional manner and kept the show rolling without any signs of distraction.

Members of Kneebody are all freelance musicians in their spare time, meaning they take odd jobs writing jingles for commercials. The band released its debut album, “Kneebody,” in 2005. The band has released three studio albums. The group was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2007 in the Classic Crossover category. The band has also been in the graces of The New York Times. The newspaper wrote, “Cohesion is the truest constant in the music of Kneebody, a band that inhabits the borderland abutted by post-bop, indie-rock and hip-hop, without seeming to give much thought to the borders.”

This was the fourth time Kneebody has performed at Camden County College, and the band will more than likely be back soon.

Kneebody plays for students and staff members in Civic Hall. By Jason Ciecka, CCC Journalism Program

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