By Vincent Vernacchio
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – Camden County College’s women’s softball game against Burlington County College was cancelled Thursday, April 26. The game, which was scheduled to begin at 3:30 p.m., was cancelled due to poor field conditions, says Dr. Peter DiLorenzo, Camden County College’s athletic director. The game was the last game of the season for the Cougars.

The softball field bore the psychedelic swirl engravings typical of water erosion. The rain that fell early that morning followed a rainy Monday and spotty Tuesday. The rain was much needed for the area. There has been more rain this week than there had been the rest of the month of April. Though the environment benefitted from this much needed rain, CCC’s softball team did not.

The 4-20 Cougars were looking to get their first home win of the season against the Burlington County College Barons, who are 9-3 on the road. It seems the Cougars showed up this season with less of a roar and more of a whimper and have had little success in the defense, notably with their pitching. The team’s fielders have also been stifled with errors. They have given up an average of approximately 12 runs a game this season while only putting up an average of approximately 2 runs a game. Getting beaten out by 10 runs is not a good recipe for success. On paper, the Barons seem more than viable as the victor. On average, they let up about 3 runs a game but score approximately 7 runs a game. According to these statistics, it is highly probable that the Barons would have sliced up the Cougars, but we will never know if the Cougars have what it takes to defeat the Barons.

Though the Cougars have faltered through a lackluster season, there are some diamonds that glimmer a sign of hope for next season. Brielle Rolon, a freshman outfielder, showcased a batting average of .500. In the six games she played, she scored 12 runs, had 9 RBIs, 2 home runs, and went 3 for 3 in bases stolen. She had a fielding percentage of .800 with 8 put outs and 2 errors. Jessica Fischer, a freshman who plays first base, had a fielding percentage of .914 with 28 put outs, 68 assists, and 9 errors. She showed average batting skills, batting .222 with 4 runs and 7 RBIs.

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