By Tina Sharesky
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – On April 25, Camden County College held its annual Spring Fling and while most students moved from table to table to get free samples of food, sign up for clubs or gather more information on banking, many seniors searched for a very specific table that held the garb that would signal a new chapter in their lives.

Among the throngs of students and the lineup of tables was one very special station where students ready to graduate this semester were signing up to receive their graduation regalia. Close by were additional tables where a soon-to-be graduate could purchase a class ring or schedule their opportunity to document this momentous occasion with official graduate portraits.

The decision to take part in the actual graduation ceremony is one that is left up to the student. Caitlin Midgette is one of the students who has decided to take part in walking across the stage, “I really didn’t want to because it is only my associate’s and I am going on to get my bachelor’s, but it means a lot to my parents so I’ve decided to do it for them,” Midgette said. After graduation, Midgette will be attending Richard Stockton College in the fall in hopes of one day becoming an activist for human rights.

While this year’s number of graduates has gone down, it is in no way disheartening. “There are potentially 1,470 graduates but that number is most likely to grow. We say potential because final grades have not come in yet,” said the director of student system records Bunny Kohl.

This year’s graduation ceremony marks the 44th of its kind. It will take place at 10 a.m. on May 19, 2012 in the Truman courtyard of the Blackwood campus. A graduation dinner is scheduled for that evening. There are no tickets for graduation and seating is on a first come first serve basis but to attend the graduation dinner students must purchases tickets.

If you are a senior graduating this semester and would like to participate in the graduation ceremony but missed the opportunity to get the required cap and gown at this year’s Spring Fling, then have no fear. All you must do is visit the bookstore with any form of picture identification. If you would like to purchase tickets for the graduation dinner, then contact the Office of Student Life and Activities at 856-227-7200, ext. 4284.

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