By Kumarr Clark
CCC Journalism Program

BLACKWOOD – People judge others on what they perceive to be normal. Most people grow up in households that have a mother, father and children. This is considered to be normal in many societies. How about families who have multiple parents, are they not normal? Earlier this month the group known as OWN discussed a topic most teachers and students will not talk about in an educational setting.

The topic that was being discussed by the OWN group was about polygamy and polyamory. Group facilitator Professor Sean Landis of Camden County College said, “Many people do not know the difference between the two and will mistake them as being the same thing. Polygamy is with multiple spouses and polyamory is with multiple lovers.”

Some people in the discussion viewed polyamory as something exciting because polyamorists are not in a commited relationship. But there are people who do not agree with these types of lifestyles. Glenn Laquintano, a 35-year-old addictions major, opposes polygamy and polyamory because he views them as morally incorrect.

As for the people who were raised with polygamist views, “I applaud people who go on the frontlines to stand up for themselves against a profiling society,” Landis said.

Nick Fishman, a student at Camden County College, is for polygamy and polyamory but does not agree with having multiple partners while married. “We are emotionally connected to people but when we have sex outside the relationship we are in, then there is no connection,” Fishman said.

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