By Karlee Adair

One memory that will always stand out in a girl’s high school career is her prom.

So why take those memories from her and help with this great cause?

Girls can experience prom when they never thought they would with your help.

Have used dresses, jewelry, and shoes?  Help girls make the end of their high school career memorable, by donating your old stuff.

Sheena Harris is calling this campaign, “The DOT Prom Fair 2012.” Her plan is to get 100 dresses of all sizes, enough for all participants.

Harris said she  “would hate for a girl not to go to prom because she couldn’t afford a dress.”

This campaign is getting spread through word of mouth and flyers throughout Camden County College.

Harris said she “is looking for current styles and cleanliness.”

Donations were accepted up in till March 24, 2012. Donations are to be dropped off at The DOT Center in Sicklerville.

“Set aside from a woman’s wedding day her prom is second most memorable day of her life,” said Sharice Hendricks.

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