Transfer events are rapidly approaching as Spring/Fall 2010 graduates rush to plan their next step in life after Camden County. Within finding the right college comes the deadline for that college. Camden County advisor, Ellen Davis, enthusiastically provides transfer information concerning deadlines. She explains priority deadlines of colleges/universities and how they differ. Some colleges don’t allow transfer applicants to apply after priority deadlines, while others are more lenient. Some schools have rolling admissions, where a transfer student may apply as late as July.

Information for transfer students, especially looking to transfer next spring, is provided at the Spring 2010 Transfer Fair. This transfer hot-spot is taking place this Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 p.m. in the Atrium, Connector building (Blackwood campus). Representatives from local colleges/universities are in attendance to recruit students and supply sufficient information of the school they stand in for. Questions on enrollment, where and when to enroll, are able to be answered at the fair.

A list of deadlines is posted outside of the Advisement Office, as well as a list of colleges traveling to the Transfer Fair. Attending the transfer fair may be a life line for students to explore all their options in a few hours, leaving more time to meet deadlines. However, even if a deadline has passed, that doesn’t necessarily mean to keep searching for a transfer school. “Even after a deadline passes you never know! The worst they [admissions office] can say is sorry”, it is too late to apply, replies Ellen Davis on the matter.

by Stephanie Viguers

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